«My favorite city»

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«My favorite city»

A wonderful sound pad, capable of reproducing realistic sounds corresponding to images. Sounds accompanied by a light bulb on the console. It is possible to play various melodies – the numbers written on trailers correspond to the notes:
1 – Do, 2 – Re, 3 – Mi, 4 – Fa, 5 – Sol, 6 – La, 7 – Si, i – Do (from another octave).
For example, “There were two gay goose at the grandmother’s house” – you must consistently click on the following buttons-trailers: 4321/55/4321/55 // 4664/3553/2342/11 or “Chizhik-Pyzhik” – 3131/432 / 55567/111 .
The rug is made of fabric.

Using the “Volume” keys, you can adjust the sound strength.
To save batteries, there is a “sleep mode”.
To work, you need 3 batteries or AA size batteries (not included).
Do not wash! Dirt should be removed with a damp cloth while the power is off.
For more information, please visit the instructions .

The mat is easy to fold and convenient for carrying and storing. Children easily learn how to handle it. It will not only give children pleasure, but also contribute to their development.

Size of the rug: 150×109 cm
Packing size: 5x56x66.5 cm
Weight (gross): 1420 gr.

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Weight 1.420 kg
Dimensions 5 × 56 × 66.5 cm