«Giant floor synthesizer»

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«Giant floor synthesizer»

The floor synthesizer is a flexible mat with touch contacts and an electronic control unit. The synthesizer has 24 keys and 4 different modes of operation: “Game”, “Record”, “Playback”, “Demo”. Reproduces the sounds of 8 musical instruments of piano, saxophone, violin, accordion, trumpet, harp, xylophone or guitar. You can listen to the melodies of 10 songs recorded in the memory of the synthesizer. In “Recording” mode, you can store up to 80 notes in memory, and then listen to them.

Using the “Volume” keys, you can adjust the sound strength.
To save batteries, there is a “sleep mode”.
To work, you need 4 AA batteries or batteries (not included).
Do not wash! Dirt should be removed with a damp cloth while the power is off.
For more information, see the instructions .

The synthesizer is easy to fold and convenient for carrying and storing. Children are easily trained to handle it, and the melodies and songs that it allows to reproduce contribute to the development of creative musical expression.

Carpet size: 180×74 cm
Packing size: 8x40x86 cm
Weight (gross): 1620 gr.

Additional Information

Weight 1.620 kg
Dimensions 8 × 40 × 86 cm